Fund Security

We always maintain our client's fund security as the top most priority. PCML keeps your deposits secured in every possible way. To take care of the security of your funds some measures we take:

Bank Accounts: Clients’ funds are held as segregated funds with class “A+” banks

Segregated Accounts: Client’s funds are held in accounts segregated from operating expenses as mandated by international regulation standards. This would enable us refund customers in the very unlikely events such as insolvency.

Bankruptcy protection: In the very unlikely events of PCML bankruptcy, client’s funds remain unaffected and will be returned to its owners.

Regulatory compliance: PCML maintains a healthy balance sheet and operating capitals exceeding norms declared by FSA, Seychelles regulatory requirements. Audits take place as per the international regulations.

Technical safeguard: All the monetary activities are SSL protected, followed through secure withdrawal processes to protect funds. Our technical support and engineers are round the clock engaged to help the customers.