PCML enables its clients to get access to all major markets for Forex options around the globe from one single account, while sustaining fast execution through ultra-low latency (10ms and lower) and offers a wide variety of exchange-traded options, including:

Reasons to trade in Option

  • To diversify trading strategies by investment timelines
  • Hedging spot positions allowing to secure investment
  • Investment alternative to trade options on gold, oil, commodities, bonds, currencies, stocks and etc.

PCML presents its Online Multiproduct Platform to take advantage of market uncertainty and changes in market volatility and offers opportunities for various trading strategies in rising or falling markets, as well as markets without any specific direction.

Why Trade Options with PCML

  • Options on more than 6000 stocks, indices and futures are available
  • Fast execution, ultra-low latency (up to 10ms)
  • Trade on live prices without dealer intervention
  • Access to deep liquidity
  • Automatic exercise and settlement on expiry
  • Live prices from many exchanges
  • API integration and support. Support of the FIX 4.4 protocol

Exchange List

Exchange-ID Full Name Country
CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchange   United States
CME Chicago Mercantile Exchange   United States
FORTS Futures and Options on Moscow Exchange   Russia
TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange   Japan
OSE Osaka Stock Exchange   Japan
SGX Singapore Stocks and Derivatives Exchange   Singapore
Euronext Euronext Exchange   EU
MEFF Mercado Español de Futuros Financieros   Spain
IDEM Borsa Italiana SpA   Italia
CFE CBOE Futures Exchange   United States
ASX Australian Stock Exchange   Australia
TMX Canadian Stock Exchange   Canada